NHT's mission is to make technology accessible and reliable to the business community.  Technology doesn't have to be as expensive and frustrating as I hear it has been for many organizations in this Flathead Valley.

Our primary offerings are unified communications systems.  However, we use partners we have vetted to be professional and skilled who take on different sorts of tasks that come out way, from cat 6 cabling to website design.

We want other organizations to enjoy using technology as an essential business tool as we do.  Our stuff just works.  On the other hand, we have noticed that when people are frustrated with technology, it is for one of these reasons: 

  1. users need training on how to use their technology
  2. they have poor quality devices or materials that are not functioning properly
  3. their materials and devices are fine, but have been configured poorly

NHT can assist in any of these three situations.  Please contact us to learn how.