We want tech support to be a good experience for both our customers and ourselves.  Nathan Hunt Technologies encourages transparency, and we don't want our customers to receive any surprise invoices.

As a business, we profit from services rendered, and log time in 30 minute increments.  We charge the MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price) for materials, plus a little more to process the manufacturer's warranty when defective products show up.  As we do not want to waste time processing warranties, we only sell brands and materials that we can stand behind and would use ourselves.  Our company is compensated, not by marking up materials, but from applying our expertise and efforts to fix customer problems or create outcomes.  We also charge travel fees.

If NHT spends time working on something for a customer, our business operates on the basis of charging that customer for that time and service.  As we are a business, we are not in the habit of giving our services away.  While we understand and appreciate our customer's anxiety to get things done, as a general rule, we do not work for free.

Exceptions: Consultations and demonstrations are almost always without cost.

Calls for help are considered support calls, and it is standard practice for NHT to invoice for time handling these.

Please refer to the maintenance plans under FAQ's (for logged in users) for discounted rates for support.  Maintenance plans are great for both the customer and NHT as they offer discounted rates on time and travel, and allow NHT to allocate our resources better from being able to foresee our future work load.