Dear Customer,

Nathan Hunt Technologies is made up of Nathan Hunt, Mandie Hunt (finances), and a variety of conscientious professionals we employ to create satisfying technical outcomes.  This site is intended to encourage transparency and open communication between you and NHT.  We strive to operate on the basis of professionalism and trust, and we want only those customers who follow the same set of values.

Support cases, or tickets, can be found here, providing a basis for reference for you to use when you have questions about any historical event.  Customers can reference a resolution by ticket number when investigating what is on an invoice (each incident on an invoice references the ticket number).  Questions about who would benefit from a maintenance plan are answered here, and these maintenance plans are explained.  Please note that some resources are only available to logged in users.

This site will develop and grow as we proceed.  Thank you for you trust in our company.  We are driven to provide the level of service we expect from others.


Nathan Hunt Technologies