Is your business or organization the kind that loves stocking up on supplies at Costco? Then a Retainer Maintenance Plan might be right up your alley. Retainer Maintenance Plans are an excellent way of obtaining a discounted price by stocking up on hours that your business or organization can use now and in the future. The best thing about them? They never expire.


When a customer purchases a Retainer Maintenance Plan, they have the option to choose a 5, 15 or 30 hour plan. Those hours will always be theirs; they can be banked or carried from month to month. Customers can choose to cancel or change at any time and unused hours will be refunded, so there is minimal risk to stocking up. The more hours they purchase, the better the hourly rate they receive. And there are more goodies….additional discounts are available including a discounted fair and customary on-site travel fee for when systems can't be fixed remotely.


If your business or organization likes to stock up or pay for services as needed, has a large technology project coming up or tends to have spontaneous technology needs, then a Retainer Maintenance Plan is a smart choice for you.


Click here for details on the available Retainer Plans.  If one of these is right for you, submit a ticket in FreshDesk requesting the plan; or e-mail, call or text us.


Check out the post in FAQ's on Monthly Maintenance Plans to see our suite of discounted plans for businesses and organizations that prefer to:

  • budget their costs monthly
  • practice monthly technology hygiene to keep their systems functioning optimally at all times, or 
  • expect minor enhancements to how their system functions